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FREE Email Course - Intro to SSL Certificates 

This beginner-level email course explains the benefits of SSL Certificates including those not linked to website security. It contains all the info and pointers you need to know before you start the process of setting up HTTPS access to your website.

This course doesn't aim to duplicate content already present online, and wherever it makes sense, links are shared to relevant online resources for reference or action.

Also contains a link to try out the SSL Certificate Generation & Installation process for your website with a FREE Trial SSL Certificate from iWebz℠.

Day-wise Email Topics
Day 1 - SSL Basics
Day 2 - The Need for SSL Certificates
Day 3 - Types of SSL Certificates
Day 4 - SSL Certificate Generation
Day 5 - SSL Certificate Installation & Troubleshooting
Day 6 - Site Seal Installation
Day 7 - Renewing SSL Certificates

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